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In cooperation with the Fidor Bank AG from Munich the Bitcoin Deutschland AG operates Germanys only trading platform for the virtual currency bitcoin under the domain Bitcoin.de .

Until now Bitcoin.de is the only bitcoin trading platform worldwide that regularily performs an audit of the bitcoin balances stored on behalf of its customers through a publicly accredited German audit firm (last audit on 04th of September 2017, next audit is running). Furthermore Bitcoin.de is the first bitcoin trading platform with a direct gateway to the traditional banking system.

The Bitcoin Deutschland AG is intent to increase it’s lead further and to to develop additional innovative business models in the field of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Currently the Bitcoin Group SE is evaluating promising participations in companies in the field of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. These investments shall be made after a planned increase in share capital. The Bitcoin Group SE believes that bitcoin and blockchain technology will have a big future that from our conviction are perceived just like the internet in 1995 - a nice gimmick whose potential could only be understood by few people.